Reminder for hunters after bullet shot through home in Chisago County

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Photo credit: Chisago County sheriff's office

Authorities are warning hunters after a bullet went through a man's home window and door in Chisago County, Minnesota. Police believe it most likely came from a deer hunter in the area.

The man called police Saturday to report that he found a bullet that went through his window, through a door and ricocheted off an inside wall. After searching, they found the slug in the room.

Though the man wasn't exactly sure when it had happened, he said it would've been within the last two days.

Authorities remind hunters to always be aware of your target and what is beyond.

"In the moment of looking down the barrel of your gun with the hopes of shooting a deer, you can forget about what's behind that deer," the department wrote in a a release. In this instance it's believed the hunter was shooting at an upward trajectory, which allowed the shot to carry as far as it did.

No one was injured in this instance, and the DNR is attempting to locate the hunter that took that shot.