Racist message in Maple Grove HS bathroom under investigation

Officials at Maple Grove Senior High School are reacting to a racist message written on a school bathroom door Wednesday. 

Principal Bart Becker wrote a letter to the families of students, calling it a "serious and disturbing racial incident." A full link to the principal's letter to Maple Grove Senior High School can be viewed here.

"I am horrified by this action, which goes against everything for which our school stands; it is completely contrary to our core values, both as a school and as a district," he wrote in the letter.

He explained that such messages "endanger the safety of our students and staff of color, and create a climate that is not conducive to learning."

According to the letter, officials plan to include students in creating more measures to create a safe and respectful learning environment.

A picture of the door with the racist messages circulated online.

The case is under investigation. Maple Grove police released the following statement Thursday morning:

"Maple Grove Police Detectives took a report of a racist message written in the Maple Grove Senior High school bathroom. The message was written during the school day on November 9, 2016.  Maple Grove Senior High School leaders immediately launched an investigation into the incident and are working collaboratively with the Maple Grove Police department. This type of behavior is highly offensive, will not be tolerated and does not reflect the views of the Maple Grove community.  Independent School District 279 and the Maple Grove Police Department have a long standing relationship to address public safety and service needs."