Protests continue in North Minneapolis

Despite freezing temperatures Saturday, protests continued outside of Minneapolis police’s Fourth Precinct.

Protesters have no plan on leaving, as they demand officials to release any video they have in the fatal officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark.

"There is a heart and a hope of America and there is the actual reality." One demonstrator said.

"Are we getting so caught up in the window of life that we look at that we can not see outside of that window?" One demonstrator said.

And the window in North Minneapolis is wide open. For the past week, hundreds have used the police station as a podium to share their message.

Protesters have made their demands clear, they want police video and investigators are making their intentions known, they also want justice and for now that means no video will be released.

The Department of Justice Attorneys will arrive in Minneapolis Sunday. Gov. Dayton has asked members of the Clark family, along with Black Lives Matter leaders to meet with them to discuss disposition of the tapes.