President Biden visits Fridley to tout economic agenda

President Joe Biden visited Minnesota on Monday, making a stop in Fridley to tout his economic agenda.

The president arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) Airport at about 12:40 p.m. on Monday, and then went to the Cummins Power Generation Facility in Fridley, where he got a tour.

Biden's visit was part of his branded "Investing in America" tour, which is about investing in green jobs and clean energy.

The president was greeted by Governor Tim Walz and top Democratic lawmakers at the Cummins facility.

Cummins, which produces both diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators, announced a $1 billion investment in renewable energy nationwide, thanks in part to tax credits received as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The company says that it's repurposing part of its Fridley facility to manufacture electrolyzers, a key piece of technology used for green hydrogen production. Until now, the company says it's had to make the product overseas.

"At this plant, 600 workers now making diesel engines will be retrained," explained Biden. "A total of 700 jobs will be making clean energy technology. We're seeing it as a boom for good for the planet as well."

Biden also touted local infrastructure investments, saying his administration has allocated $2.7 billion to 180 projects across the state.

MN GOP responds

"President Biden and the Democrats’ economic and fiscal policies have been a disaster for our state and country. Their wasteful and reckless tax-and-spending sprees have driven inflation over four percent and real wages are down for almost two years running. The President shouldn’t be traveling the country celebrating. He should apologize for making it harder for families to save for college or retirement, pay the bills, start a business, or even buy the things they need every day like groceries and gas. Minnesotans will see right through it and Republicans will make an aggressive case to hold Biden and the Democrats accountable." – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann