Plymouth family offers $6,400 Reward for information on dog's murder

As the search continues for answers in the mysterious death of a Plymouth family's beloved dog, only more questions seem to surface.

The reward for information that might lead police to the dog's killer jumped from $1,000 over the weekend to more than $6,400 on Sunday night, as Chris and Sarah Docken seek justice for their Springer Spaniel named Porter.

It all started last Wednesday afternoon as Sarah and her two-month-old daughter sat at their breakfast nook, roughly 100 feet from their backyard along Northwest Boulevard. According to police, someone walking along the street stuck a pellet gun through an opening in the Dockens' fence and fired at Porter.

"We can’t imagine who would do this--or why--and we just want to know, 'What’s going through your head?'" Chris said. "We want answers."

The dog died about an hour later after he was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic, leaving the Dockens heartbroken and more than a little fearful. 

Over the next few days as police vetted leads, the Dockens posted flyers around Plymouth asking the public for information that might shed some light on why anyone would want to hurt the pooch Chris says he and his wife had taken to affectionately calling their "firstborn." Porter was a wedding gift they received from Chris' father and late mother. 

The Dockens, however, wonder if it was Porter's unfailing friendliness that ultimately led to last Wednesday's incident.

“He’s been known to visit the neighbors, run along the fence line and greet people ... he can be annoying," Chris Docken said. "My fear is somebody may have taken it upon themselves to quiet him down."

The Dockens do maintain their block is quiet and peaceful, and that all their neighbors have been friendly and supportive over the last week. In fact, they say it’s been those neighbors and anonymous good Samaritans who have made the current $6,400 reward possible. 

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Plymouth Police Department.