Owner says ghostly spirit haunts downtown Robbinsdale hair salon

Draped in cobwebs and festive decorations, Salon Halo in downtown Robbinsdale is all dressed up and ready for Halloween. 

But owner Amanda Kist says there's something a little spooky at her business every day of the year. Over her 8 years there, she has experienced some strange things, namely in the back corner of the building near the break room and mechanical closet. 

Pictures have catapulted themselves off walls and hampers have fallen off the washing machine at random. Their stereo system also shuts off every day at 5:00 p.m. without warning. 

"We've had electricians come in, and everything is running exactly as it should," said Kist. 

A few years ago, she brought in a psychic for a holiday party and her ghostly suspicions were confirmed. 

"(The psychic) beelined into my mechanical closet and said, 'Wait a minute! We aren't done,'" said Kist. 

The psychic told her there was indeed an older gentleman ghost named Charlie haunting the back corner of the salon, along with a younger female ghost named Emme. 

According to Kist, Charlie is thought to have owned a watch repair company in the area. 

"Maybe he's still on his clockwork! I feel like I'm a workaholic...maybe he is too? I think we get along great," said Kist. 

After speaking with Kist, Fox 9 went to the Robbinsdale Historical Society to find out more information about the history of the building. 

According to Board Member David Krussow, several decades ago, there used to be a house that sat near the corner where the salon is now. There was also a business inside it. 

"I recall that house was in great disrepair, but it still operated as a very small business because there was a sign outside the house that said 'Watchmaker'", said Krussow. 

There's no word if a man named Charlie ever worked or lived there, but Krussow thinks whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's a fun story to look into. 

Back at the salon, Kist tells us she's made peace with her friendly ghost and even chats with him from time to time.