Teens hurt, stolen Kias left wrecked in chaotic Minneapolis shooting

A chaotic shooting scene in Minneapolis' Jordan neighborhood left two teens hurt – one seriously – and two stolen Kias crashed Thursday evening.

Police responded around 7:30 p.m. to the shooting near the intersection of 30th Avenue North and Irving Avenue North. At the scene, officers found two victims, ages 16 and 17, with gunshot wounds.

One of the teens, discovered inside a damaged white Kia, had been shot in the head. While the other teen is expected to survive their injuries, police said. Both were rushed to North Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

At the scene, officers found a total of three vehicles with damage: the white Kia with front-end damage, a black KIa, and a Honda with rear-end damage.

Police say both Kias were stolen while the Honda belongs to someone who lives nearby.

One victim was found in the white Kia left crashed along 30th Avenue North.  (FOX 9)

Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara reported that a K-9 unit was able to successfully track one person who apparently ran from the stolen black Kia. However, it's unclear how that person was involved in the incident.

O'Hara says residents he spoke at the crime scene with expressed concerns about stolen vehicles speeding through the neighborhood. Some were shaken by the shooting, which happened while families were out enjoying the evening.

"It was earlier in the evening, still light out at the time, there were people that were outside, there were kids outside," Chief O'Hara explained.

O'Hara also expressed frustration as his officers were investigating yet another crime involving teens and stolen Kias.

"It's ridiculous, it's a broken record," said the chief, "stolen Kias, stolen Hyundais, juveniles, guns involved and we see the result. We have one teenager with a life-threatening gunshot wound and another who's also shot."

"This crossover of this behavior between, joyriding in stolen cars, the availability of stolen guns, and accidents that can happen from this," O'Hara added. "Thankfully, no one who was not involved was injured here. But it could have easily changed with people out on the street earlier in the day."

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the shooting and crash.