Officials prepare for potentially active wildfire season

Emergency management teams are already getting ready for what could be an eventful wildfire season in Minnesota. 

The spring can be a dangerous time for fires to spread and the state has already seen dozens break out so far this year.

Throughout this winter and spring, multiple agencies in northern Minnesota have worked on training exercises, as well as clearing brush and updating evacuation plans should a small fire become a big problem.

"Unless we do see a trend towards increased precipitation in the coming weeks as we head into mid to late April, we do expect a period of dangerous fire weather conditions," said NWS Duluth meteorologist Woody Unruh. 

As of Wednesday night, the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is at a moderate risk level for wildfires, meaning fires can start easily and spread at a medium pace. 

Our recent spring snowstorm did help things, but officials are still urging people to be cautious.