‘NeXt’ on FOX: The terrifying reality of a rogue AI program mirrors real-world consequences

FOX’s upcoming new television show “NeXt” from creator and executive producer Manny Coto, (24: Legacy) focuses on the terrors of rogue artificial intelligence and the real-life consequences of human dependence on technology. 

The show features Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc (Emmy Award nominee John Slattery, “Mad Men,” “Veep”) a founder of a tech company who creates a new AI program which unintentionally becomes a threat to humanity. 

While the AI seeks self-preservation with a complete lack of empathy, LeBlanc sets out to stop the devastating new program against all odds. 

Betrayed by the company he founded, the AI is released, setting the stage for a global crisis all while LeBlanc works to sound the alarm on the impending calamity. 

Following continuous technological catastrophes, LeBlanc partners with Special Agent Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade, “The First,” “Here and Now”) in order to stop the dangerous new technology.

In an exclusive look inside the new series, Slattery talks about the real life implications of such a program. 

“The subject of AI is a very timely subject,” Slattery said. 

“NeXt” premieres Oct. 6 9-10 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. 

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