New highway footage captures wrong-way driver before deadly crash killed local rocker

FOX 9 has obtained Wisconsin DOT traffic camera footage of a wrong-way driver on I-94 who caused a deadly crash over Halloween weekend that killed a local Twin Cities heavy metal guitarist.

Mark Filbrandt of the band Gorrified was killed on his way home to Robbinsdale from a concert across the border in Menomonie.

FOX 9 Reporter Paul Blume spoke to Filbrandt’s older brother, Mark, who says, "This is just insane. I mean, it's so hard. I mean, day one was denial, then numb. Day two was just sad. And then I went mad and then back to sad and numb. I just keep cycling through it."

Greg Filbrandt and his dad were clearing out Mark’s apartment on Thursday. They are outraged the woman charged with homicide for driving drunk that night has a history of getting behind the wheel under the influence, believing the courts could have done more to protect their brother, son, and popular rocker in the local music scene.

"If she had the interlock device, had a blow before she got in the car, that day my brother would be alive," Mark Filbrandt said. "We are too lenient on alcohol drivers in this country, in this state. It sucks."

In addition to tougher consequences for drunk driving, Greg says it is time to do more to prevent motorists from getting on freeways heading the wrong direction, suggesting the installation of the reverse spikes you find at car rental facilities on entrance and exit ramps.

"If you tried to drive the wrong way, it’ll blow your tires," reasoned Filbrandt. "That would take care of somebody who was allegedly as drunk as this, who doesn't remember the accident, doesn't remember going the wrong way on the freeway, doesn't know she killed him. Those would just blow out the tires if those could be installed on all the freeway ramps. So if somebody tried to go the wrong way on the freeway, they wouldn't be able to keep driving."

According to court documents, the other motorist, Amber Pospisil had a preliminary breath test of .218 at the scene, more than two-and-a-half times the legal limit to drive. She apparently told investigators she was an alcoholic and had been drinking a bottle of vodka in her vehicle after attending a wedding.

Records show this was not her first time getting behind the wheel under the influence. She is due back in court on November 28.

Meantime, the Filbrandts and the local music community are planning services and memorial tributes for Mark coming up in December. A celebration of life event is planned for the Broadway Pizza/Eagles Nest Lounge in Robbinsdale on Saturday, December 3 at 1 p.m. A musical tribute is set for the night of December 9 at Club Underground in Minneapolis, featuring several bands. A GoFundMe page has been established to assist with expenses.