New Hennepin County Sheriff Dawanna Witt sworn in

Hennepin County welcomed its newest sheriff on Tuesday as Dawanna Witt was sworn into office.

An emotional Sheriff Witt kicked things off by praising her staff, and the community, saying it’s time to start believing in a safer Hennepin County.

"What we see increasing is crimes, victims, babies killing babies, numbers of people being incarcerated," said Sheriff Witt. "What do we see decreasing? People with a real feeling of hope."

Sheriff Witt says she will lead with passion, inspire, and to work to ensure the safety and security of everyone living, working or visiting Hennepin County.

"When we talk about accountability, we also have to talk about responsibility," said Sheriff Witt. "Everyone is held accountable. I don’t know about you, but the blame game is not getting the job done."