New card helps people who are deaf, police communicate during traffic stops

The state is providing a new way for drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with law enforcement officers during a traffic stop. 

The Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Department of Public Safety designed a traffic card for drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing to keep inside their vehicle. The laminated card identifies the person as being deaf or hard of hearing and indicates the best way for an officer to communicate with them – whether through written communication, lip reading or texting. 

The card also has graphics for both the driver and the officer to use. The officer can point to graphics indicating what information they need, what violation occurred and what will happen as a next step. The driver who is deaf or hard of hearing can point to graphics identifying issues they need help with, such as a flat tired, being lost or having run out of gas. 

Minnesotans who are deaf or hard of hearing helped design the card. 

To obtain one of these traffic cards, people should send an email to with their name, county of residence and either their mailing address or email address depending on if they want a paper or electronic copy. You can also call 641-431-5940 for voice or 651-962-1514 for video phone.