Neighbors who saved 'Sarge' from St. Paul house fire praised as heroes

A St. Paul neighborhood is praising the quick actions of two men who saved a local man from his burning home Saturday.

By Monday, all that remained of the home was a demolished pile of charred debris, melted household items and shattered windows. Luckily, Mike Schultz - aka "Sarge" - is alive after two of his neighbors rushed into the burning home to save him. A hospital spokesperson said he is in fair condition.

“He’s a quiet man and peaceful person,” said neighbor John Palacio. Palacio said the two who saved him are now asking for privacy.

“Both have been pretty quiet about it; they’re pretty humble people,” Palacio said. “I express my thanks to God for letting people be around to let him help that man and have the courage to go and do that. It’s awesome running into flames…not fearing something that can happen to your life, but to save others, that’s awesome. That’s my buddies.”

According to his GoFundMe page, Sarge is in the burn unit with second-degree burns to his arms, hands and head. His cat is still unaccounted for.