MSP Terminal 1 checkpoints to return to normal Tuesday morning

Travelers at MSP Airport wait to go through security in Terminal 1.

Starting Tuesday, the security checkpoints at MSP International Airport will start to look a bit more normal.

Previously, checkpoints were changed during a construction project that was expected to go until December, but it’s wrapping up just in time for MEA week.

Whether you head south or north inside Terminal One to get through security, come Tuesday, there will be sweet relief for those who have waited in the long lines.

“It’s going to be just like it was before the construction program began, where, regardless of whether you’re pre-check, you can use either checkpoint in Terminal One,” said Patrick Hogan, the MSP Airport spokesperson.

The renovation was expected to last into December, so guests will be pleasantly surprised at the airport Tuesday morning.

Also open again is checkpoint 10 in the skyway. It’s a checkpoint where those with carry-on bags only are welcome Monday through Friday until 1:15 a.m.

“So, people have more options than they’ve had for quite a while,” said Hogan.

It’s all in time for MEA weekend, where 110,000 people are expected to travel through MSP over the weekend.

“You still have all the business people traveling as well as all the families trying to get out of town for this last vacation opportunity,” Hogan said.