MPD hosts first listening session over use of force policy

Minneapolis Police held their first community engagement session regarding the department's use of force policy on Tuesday night.

It's the first in a series of meetings they're required to hold under the consent decree, a court-ordered mandate to make sweeping changes following the murder of George Floyd.

About 100 people attended the meeting at the Public Service Building downtown, including community activists, department heads, and city council members.

Police and city staff gathered feedback from residents and will craft revised policies on use of force from there.

"Once the policy is approved and then finalized, the next step after that is all the police officers need to be trained...The requirement is initially 16 hours of training and then 8 hours every year after that," said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara.

Two more community meetings focused on the use of force are scheduled throughout the rest of the month. 

The sessions will also focus on other topics like stop, search and arrest and non-discriminatory policing.