More Minnesotans signing up for MNsure ahead of new Jan. 13 deadline

More Minnesotans have signed up for health care coverage through MNsure, officials announced Monday. In fact, phone agents were busy all the way up to this weekend’s deadline. 

MNSure’s CEO said it’s coming at a time when congress no longer requires people to buy insurance.

For coverage starting Jan. 1, 113,000 Minnesotans signed up - that’s 5,000 more than last year and 16,000 more than in 2016.

“I think what it tells me is that Minnesotans understand that they need comprehensive coverage and that MNsure is the place to get it,” said MNsure CEO Nate Clark.

The increased enrollments come as rates on the MNsure exchange dropped for 2019. A reinsurance program passed by the legislature helped underwriters from Blue Plus, Group Health, Medica, PreferredOne and UCare all reduce their premiums.

“Obviously rates are down statewide, so they have decreased seven to 27 percent, and we think that stabilized the market brought a lot of consumers back in. We’re seeing growth that’s just very, very encouraging,” he said.  

But as Minnesotans sign up for insurance, a federal judge created new uncertainly for the Affordable Care Act by declaring it unconstitutional.

Nate Clark said that will not affect any coverage for 2019.

“The key think for consumers to keep in mind is that it is a ruling. It is going to be appealed, that is going to take some time and during that period or course the ACA is still the law of the land and that is what folks need to understand,” he said. “The ruling will have no impact on consumer’s current coverage; it won’t have any impact on the coverage that they have enrolled in for 2019.   

The new deadline is Jan. 13 for coverage to start on Feb. 1. You can sign up on