Moose takes a dip in Lake Bemidji

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Courtesy Robie Rock.

Bemidji residents got quite a treat Saturday morning as a bull moose crossed Lake Bemidji, with the help of local police keeping the crowds at bay.

As the moose began to draw attention, the Beltrami County Emergency Management posted a warning on Facebook Saturday morning. "STAY AWAY FROM THE MOOSE," headed the post.

News of the moose spread quickly online, so the Bemidji police department stepped in, worried for the safety of the moose and those on shore. The police said that onlookers and crowds may cause the moose to tire and drown in the water. Additionally, when it got to shore, it could be unpredictable.

To soften the blow, police rewarded those who listened with a picture of the moose.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office also joined into the online conversation, highlighting what to do in this situation.

The sheriff's office helped make sure the moose was not harassed by boaters or curious swimmers,