Minnesota Vikings fans celebrate exciting start to new season

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After months of waiting, the Minnesota Vikings’ season opener finally arrived Sunday, bringing thousands to U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

With a lot of action and a lot of optimism, fans at the Vikings’ victorious game said they come back because they’re always hoping for that Minnesota miracle.

“There’s something about the Vikings. We’re from Minnesota, it keeps us coming back, waiting for them to win - and they’re going to win,” fan Jimmy Gibbons said. 

For those who have had tickets since the Vikings first took the field, to the ones that hadn’t been to U.S. Bank Stadium until Sunday, the purple and gold was a strong uniting force.

“I was born and raised in Minnesota, loved them since day one,” another fan said.

Fan John Schenck and his nephew Rich have been sporting suits for every game – home and away – because when it comes to their team, everything has to be just right.

“We wear them to family events,” John Schenck said.

And for many, superstitions hold strong.

“There is nothing green in my house,” Rich Chalupsky said.

Another fan said he wears the same jersey to every game.

“I have my Vikings chairs from the Metrodome that I sit in every game I’m home,” he said.

Whether it's bright gold suits or Viking suits of leather, at the home of the Vikings, it doesn’t matter. 

“We come here for the fun of it. At the end of the day, its a football game,” Chalupsky said.