Minnesota State Fair: What's the big dill about pickle pizza?

A new vendor at the Minnesota State Fair and their dill pickle pizza is creating quite the divide among some Minnesotans, so what's the big dill? 

Rick’s Pizza is selling a pickle pizza which is a homemade hand-tossed pizza with specialty dill ranch sauce, mozzarella cheese, crunchy sliced dill pickles and topped with dill weed seasoning.

"It was more of the thrill of having a pickle on a pizza, and once word got out that it tasted as good as the thrill that it sounded, it blew up, and it’s all we sell now," said Tristin Ukmar from Rick’s Pizza

Ukmar and his mother designed the pickle pizza for Rick’s Pizza back in 2019 when they wanted something new. After a lot of trial and error, the unique pickle pizza came to life and is now a smash hit. 

Pickle Pizza at Rick's Pizza. (Minnesota State Fair)

"It's not something we created. It’s something we perfected," said Ukmar.

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While the booth is known for its specialty pizza, Ukmar said he’s actually not much of a pickle guy, "I don’t mind the taste of a pickle, but I just wouldn’t mind if I never saw one again," he told FOX 9. 

The thought of putting dill pickles on a pizza has caused quite a stir. While some people are thrilled about the idea of adding dill pickles on a pizza, others like FOX 9’s sports reporter Pierre Noujaim, are not so excited about the concept. 

To try a slice of pickle pizza and see what the big dill is about, find Rick’s Pizza booth at the Minnesota State Fair located on the West Side of Cosgrove Street between Wright and Dan Patch avenues near the education and 4-H building.