Minnesota State Fair button collector has about 1,000 items in her collection

Minnesotans go to the Minnesota State Fair for all sorts of reasons. For some, it’s the food. For others, it’s the entertainment. For Sue Buetow, it’s for the buttons.

Buetow has been collecting Minnesota State Fair buttons for years. She has about 1,000.

Some small, some big, some are from politicians, and others mark historical moments at the fair, like 100 years of the cattle barn.

Her oldest is from 1910.

"My favorites have to mention Minnesota State Fair, and if there is a date, that makes it extra special," says Buetow.

Ever since 1976, the fair has put out an annual button. Those are free. Buetow has them all.

She says most buttons are free and many booths have their own, you just need to ask.

She can’t wait for this year’s fair and all the new buttons to find.

"The smells and the sounds, people laughing and the rides. It’s just a fun place to be. I hope I can do it, for years to come," Buetow said.

You can learn more about the State Fair gear here.

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