Minnesota sheriff: 'We would never tolerate' tactics used in George Floyd arrest

Video captured by a bystander showed an officer pressing his knee into the neck of George Floyd, who later died. (Darnella Frazier via Storyful)

A Minnesota sheriff denounced the actions of the Minneapolis police officer seen holding his knee on George Floyd's neck Monday, writing that his department "would never tolerate any tactics" like those used Monday night. He went on to say that it does not appear that the officer "absolutely felt his or her life was in jeopardy."

Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose posted a message on the department's Facebook page Wednesday, writing that the video of George Floyd's arrest "left me shocked, sad, frustrated, and angry," and that the reports of riots and protests left him feeling the same way. 

Rose wrote that he felt "shocked that another officer didn’t step in and stop it. Sad seeing Mr. Floyd begging the officer to stop, saying he couldn’t breathe. Frustrated that any officer would think this was ok. Angry that George lost his life because of this."

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"The actions of these officers do not reflect the majority of great men and women who chose to serve and protect our communities," the sheriff wrote. "Men and women who still believe in right and wrong. Men and women who will put their lives on the line for you and your family any day of the week. Men and women who live and work in the communities they serve. Men and women who feel driven, who feel a calling to do their small part to help our community a safer place for us to live and raise our families. Men and women who sacrifice so much of their lives to help ours be a little better. Men and women who will always be there to help you regardless of race, gender, or political preference. Men and women who’s families also make sacrifices every day for us."

The sheriff went on to write that the department conducts de-escalation training, writing that "we train on pressure control tactics – a knee on the neck is not part of any training we do with our staff. Please know we would never tolerate any tactics like this here in Dodge County, unless that officer absolutely felt his or her life was in jeopardy. That obviously doesn't appear to be the case with Mr. Floyd."