Minnesota retailers: Don't sweat supply chain challenges, store shelves in good shape

One by one Earl Jeanson is plucking items off his Thanksgiving grocery list –  everything but the turkey.

"Got it two weeks ago, 25 pounder," says Jeanson. "They said a shortage of turkeys. So I made sure to get that ahead of time."

Jeanson is far from the only shopper quick to act on national news reports of a potential poultry predicament. 

"I think it was the turkey breasts two weeks ago, " says a woman shopping at the Cub Foods in Oakdale. "As soon as I heard that. because I definitely wanted turkey."

But a spokesperson for Cub Foods, Carrie Higgs, says do not worry.

"We’ve been planning for this," says Higgs. "This is the Superbowl for us of food."

Higgs recommends those seeking a fresh turkey should buy quickly, but every other holiday menu item is in strong supply.

"I think if you are willing to be flexible on your brands and your sizes you are not going to have any issues this year."

Big box stores working to ease holiday stress as well. Walmart announced Wednesday's third-quarter inventory was up 11.5%. Target's inventory rose 20%. Target is keeping shelves stocked in part by unloading 60% of its shipping containers at off-peak times. Plus, a 47% profit jump exceeded expectations.

Another indicator, just like what Cub Foods is seeing, people are shopping early. 

"Our teams six months ago started preparing for this," says Higgs.

For that Jeanson is thankful. He missed cooking for his family last year and says this year, supply challenges or not, he can hardly wait. 

"They all cooked it last year, and said it wasn’t at all like yours, Dad," Jeanson said.