Minnesota mansion hitting the market has 'Game of Thrones' vibes

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A mansion in Orono, Minnesota about to hit the market has some features that might makes "Game of Thrones" lovers do a double take.

"It was amazing,” said Luke Busker of LBM Stone and Fabrication. "We had a lot of fun. We put our heart and soul into it. It’s one of the funniest projects I've ever worked on."

A local mason and architect teamed up to build a modern masterpiece made of steel and stone after working on other stone houses together. The home's signature features include a steam punk-inspired TV wall with a chain and pulley system in the living room. There’s also a spiral staircase that doubles as vertical garden, where the spokes are pipes that can water the plants. In the basement, there’s a clock-themed fireplace with three arches - an idea that came from a popular TV show.

"I was watching Game of Thrones and there was a building in there that had these three little wells of fire and I thought this is so cool,” said James McNeal of James McNeal Architecture and Design. “We have to have this in our castle. That's what we did."

Another amazing feature is a floating staircase made of steel and white oak. It’s two stories tall and the steps have lights in them so you don't trip and fall in the dark."

The home named Huntington Manor also has a sense of humor to go along with its medieval-like details. There's the crank-operated medicine cabinet in the master bathroom and another bathroom that looks like an indoor outhouse. There's even a sauna and shower where the doors are made to look like a dungeon.

"We didn't want to do something that was cold and dark and gloomy,” said McNeal. “We did something that has a light surprise."

With two million stones, seven tons of steel and a $10 million price tag, all involved say this passion project was a priceless experience.

"We just had an unbelievable time working on this and we want to do more of them and we can't wait to continue on doing these projects," said Busker.

You can view the listing at this link.