Minnesota leads nation in Census self-response rate

The state of Minnesota is leading the way in self-responding to the 2020 Census, according to new data released by the Census Bureau.

As of Monday, more than 74 percent of Minnesotans had self-responded to the Census, the highest rate in the nation.

Minnesota is nearly three percentage points higher than the next highest self-response rate. Washington, Wisconsin and Nebraska are second, third and fourth place respectively, all with just more than 71 percent self-response rate. Other Midwest states Iowa, Michigan and Illinois are also in the top 10 self-response rates with more than 70 percent.

The national average is 66.2 percent.

Alaska is the worst self-response rate state in the nation so far with 53.8 percent. It is ahead of only Puerto Rico, which has a 34.3 percent self-response rate.