Minnesota gymnast reflects on club's 1992 halftime performance

The last time the Super Bowl was hosted in Minneapolis was in the Metrodome 26 years ago. 

Things have changed a lot since then, from the increased security around the event to the halftime show itself. And back then, dozens of locals had a unique opportunity to take the field.

Dorothy Hamil and Brian Biotano kicked off the halftime show, featuring about as many nods to local Minnesota life as producers could muster. 

It featured the 1980 U.S. hockey team, snowmobiles, rollerbladers, and not one but two giant snow men.

“I wasn’t as nervous as you might have thought because I had no idea,” said Sam Smith. 

Smith was a junior in high school when his gymnastics club was asked to be part of the show.

“[In] the first part we were Russian dancers doing this trampoline act,” he said.

A quick wardrobe change, and Smith was back on tumbling again and holding flags for people downhill skiing. 

“I actually walked past Gloria Estefan in the dress rehearsal… we all thought that was great.” 

Gloria was a big deal at the time, but over the years her star power hasn't stopped the 1992 halftime show from landing on multiple lists of the worst halftime shows of all time. 

“I laugh about it all the time and get a ton of millage out of it,” he said. 

Since then, an epic performance from Prince helped redeem Minnesota's halftime show reputation.

But Smith and dozens of other dancers, athletes and kids can all brag about sharing the once in a lifetime opportunity.