Minnesota group rescues newborn puppies abandoned in Louisiana

Good Karma Animal Rescue of Minnesota is getting ready to hit the road to Louisiana again.  It’s the fourth trip since floods hit the area last August.

Initially, it was a disaster relief mission since dogs and owners had been separated, but now it’s a mission to help a state that appears to have a lot of abandoned dogs.

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“We started this off as kind of a disaster relief effort,” Lisa Booth of Good Karma told Fox 9. “But once I got down there, I saw the immense need it’s heartbreaking.  And, they’re just always in crisis even if there isn’t a natural disaster happening.” 

This time, Booth is bringing back 19 dogs, including a litter of 10-day-old puppies. Also in the mix -- a pit bull named “Asher” who had his ears cropped with garden shears. 

“There’s a family out there for every dog,” Booth said. “Asher’s going to find a great home. I don’t know how long it will take, but that’s not my concern, he’s in good hands and we’ll make sure it’s the right home for him.”

Altogether, Good Karma has saved 90 Louisiana dogs. They will get on the road on Wednesday morning and will return on Friday night. To find out when they will be up for adoption, you can follow Good Karma on Facebook or visit goodkarmamn.org.