Minnesota Department of Health will continue coronavirus testing over the weekend

As the state works to deal with its first case of COVID-19, Minnesota health officials say they will be testing potential patients over the weekend.

Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm says the department typically doesn't test over weekends but is making the change after the first detected case of coronavirus in Minnesota.

"Because of our expectation of heighten interest, and perhaps additional reports, we will be testing all weekend, which is not our norm," said Malcolm. 

Since the start of the week, the department says they've seen a steady rise in potential coronavirus cases. But, out of 39 tests, only one has come back positive so far. The commissioner says, since the Department of Health is able to quickly tests results, that is allowing health workers to get a jump on containing the virus.

"We are able to turn those results around on a same-day basis, so far," explained Malcolm. "We have not yet had the need to open up testing beyond our normal hours because we've been able to produce those results quite quickly."

Malcolm also says the state is prepared and has enough tests to handle any potential other cases.