Minneapolis Police statistics show uptick in street robberies on south side

Minneapolis Police statistics have shown an uptick in street robberies on the south side of the city in the last month.

According to a notice from the Department, street robberies of purses, cellphones and vehicles have increased of late. The incidents primarily involved physical force, but guns have been reported in several of them, too.

Police say suspects are approaching victims on the sidewalk or in parking lots before fleeing in waiting vehicles, many of which were stolen.

According to statistics, 105 robberies and 99 auto thefts have been reported in the city’s third precinct in the month of July to date. In the fifth precinct, 50 robberies and 64 auto thefts were reported in the same time frame.

Monday, residents and business owners of the south side said they also noticed the uptick.

Police urged residents to stay “alert and aware” of their surroundings and to avoid distractions like phones, headphones or ear buds. Police also say to keep distance between you and strangers so your items cannot be snatched.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo released the following statement Tuesday: 

Dear Residents,

We are aware of the uptick in crime in the 3rd and 5th Precincts of Minneapolis. We take all crime seriously and are working with the Precinct Inspectors as well as the Violent Crimes Investigative Division to address this. We have redeployed internal resources and intelligence gathering to keep neighborhoods safe and hold those accountable who are committing these malicious acts!