Minneapolis police release incident report for police shooting at Cedar and 36th

Bodycam footage released on Thursday shows the encounter between officers and Dolal Idd. (Supplied)

The Minneapolis Police Department released new documents related to the investigation of the deadly police shooting Wednesday night.

Friday, the department released the incident report, detailing the moments after shots were fired outside a Holiday gas station at Cedar Avenue and East 36th Street.

On Thursday, police also released 27 seconds of body camera footage showing the moments that gunfire was exchanged between 23-year-old Dolal Idd and Minneapolis police officers. Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says it appears the suspect fired first.

While some sections have been redacted, the 17-page incident detail report shows 50 officers responded after shots were fired just before 6:16 p.m. on Wednesday.

FOX 9 has confirmed the officers who fired their weapons are Sgt. Darcy Klund, Officer Jason Schmidt, and Officer Paul Huynh. Sgt. Klund was also one of 14 officers who penned a letter in June, condemning the actions of Derek Chauvin and pledged to embrace change after George Floyd’s death.

As Minneapolis police released new documents, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office released a statement detailing a high-risk search warrant they assisted the BCA with at the home of Dolal Idd, hours after Wednesday's shooting. Idd's father Bayle Gelle was critical of law enforcement’s actions.

"It was two or something, and we were sleeping and they tried to terrorize us, arrest us, and broke everything in my home," said Gelle.

After reviewing the body camera video, the Hennepin County Sheriff says he believes the deputies acted professionally and politely and followed procedure.