Minneapolis Police Chief says lack of training was not a factor in George Floyd's death

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria released a statement Monday, saying that George Floyd’s death was not due to a lack of training. 

He went on to say that former officer Derek Chauvin “knew what he was doing” and called Floyd’s death a murder.

Chief Arradondo wrote that following a 2013 lawsuit, the department began providing additional training regarding positional asphyxia.

In that lawsuit, local attorney Bob Bennett represented the family of David Smith, who died in police custody 10 years ago when officers pinned him face-down on a YMCA gym floor.

“At a base level, you’re looking at another person’s life getting extinguished in front of your eyes, and nothing changes. It’s bothersome, frankly,” Bennett said.

The City of Minneapolis ultimately settled the case for $3 million, with the victim’s family demanding officers receive training in the dangers of positional asphyxia.

Smith’s sister, Angela Smith, recently spoke out after watching Floyd begging for air for several minutes.

“All of our efforts were in vain. We had some sense of peace having this clause in the settlement,” she said. “No one should die like my brother, and then to hear George Floyd cry out for his mom…”