Minneapolis Park Board discusses removing 'Calhoun' from street names

The Minneapolis Park Board Committee approved a resolution Wednesday night allowing them to remove “Calhoun” from street names.

The board isn’t making any changes yet, however.

Several roads surrounding Bde Maka Ska were named after the lake when it was known as Lake Calhoun.

Since the lake’s name has been changed, the board is considering renaming the streets.

There’s a lot of angst of what does this mean, Is this going to bear some cost to me?” said Commissioner Meg Forney during the Wednesday Park Board meeting. “Being I’m a realtor, I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls about things like title issues, things about how it might impact my mortgage. It’s a lot of unknowns that are out there.” 

The streets in question include Calhoun Boulevard West, Calhoun Drive, East Calhoun Parkway and West Calhoun Parkway.

Under the city’s charter, the Park Board has authority to name and rename its realty.