Minneapolis minimum wage increase starts today

Starting today the minimum wage in Minneapolis has increased for all workers within city limits.

Minimum wage in the City of Lakes increased to $13.50 per hour at small businesses (defined as having less than 100 employees) and $15 at large businesses (100 or more). 

"The City is committed to supporting an economy that includes everyone. Increases in Minneapolis’ minimum wage directly benefit tens of thousands of families and the economy. The ordinance supports the City’s goals of promoting economic inclusion and reducing economic and racial disparities," according to an announcement. 

Tips and gratuities do not count toward payment of a minimum wage. 

On Jan. 1, 2022, Minnesota’s minimum wage was increased from $10.33/hour for large employers (with revenue over $500,000), and $8.42/hour for employers under the threshold.

Meanwhile, employers continue to struggle to attract workers.

In recent months Minnesota’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been since the state began recording the data. 

The state has regained 85% of the jobs lost at the start of the pandemic, the data indicate.