Minneapolis community members debate ballot question to replace MPD

Divisions in over policing in Minneapolis were loud and clear Tuesday as the charter amendment to replace the city's police department was debated in front of a live audience. 

Leaders on both sides of the ballot measure debated at North High School, while the moderator had to ask the audience to "chill out" multiple times.

Both debaters, reputable and well-respected community leaders, brought the heat.

The crowd embodied just how charged this issue is, especially on the northside, where many residents are affected by a current spike in crime and violence.

The "Yes" side was argued by minister Janae Bates from the Yes 4 campaign, the group behind the ballot measure. Bates argued that the current system isn't working for the Black community.

Reverend Jerry McAfee argued the 'No' side, pointing out that he and other community groups are already doing the boots-on-the-ground work that supporters are calling for.

He said the ballot measure lacks detail and its language allows for the elimination of police officers all together.