Michael Brasel shooting: Teen agrees to plea deal for role in killing

A teen has made a plea deal for his role in the killing of Michael Brasel outside his St. Paul home while he was trying to stop his vehicle from being stolen. 

Ta Mla, 18, pleaded guilty Thursday to aiding and abetting second-degree murder in relation to the death of Brasel on May 6, 2023. Mla was initially charged with aiding and abetting intentional second-degree murder, but prosecutors amended the charges Wednesday adding another charge of aiding and abetting second-degree murder while committing a felony. 

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Mla is expected to receive a 15-year sentence. He will remain in jail until his Dec. 14 sentencing. 

Kle Swee, Mla’s accomplice, was sentenced in early October to 25 years in prison for his role in the shooting. Swee was 17 at the time of the crime but was sentenced in adult court. 

According to charges, on May 6, both Mla and Swee were out to "car shop" - a reference to stealing items from cars - when Brasel came out and attempted to stop them. Swee then shot Brasel multiple times, killing him. 

Mla allegedly was the driver who sped away after the shooting took place. Mla also supposedly supplied the gun that was used to kill Brasel.