Men build giant Christmas Carousel out of ice on lake in Ely, Minn.

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Video credit Taylor Johnson

Two men in Ely, Minnesota, built a giant Christmas Carousel on Burntside Lake just in time for the holiday!

For the third year in a row, Joe Bianco and Cam Regan built the carousel to bring wonder to friends and family. The carousel was captured on video by Taylor Johnson.

Johnson said it took the men about a day to make the cuts in the ice. They used chainsaws to cut slits in the ice that had to be removed. Then, they inserted a trolling motor into the ice to create the spin.

The two also removed ice blocks from the lake to create an ice castle and various other ice structures.
The ice luminaries took about a month to create and were the size of five gallons buckets. They totaled about 150 throughout the property.

Due to the cold, the carousel freezes in about 12 hours after it stops spinning, so it only lasts for about one night. Because it is located on a remote property, it is not open to the public.