Local company aims to connect moms with employers in need

Nearly half of all women – 43% – leave their careers after having children. It's a widely cited, longstanding statistic, and it's a group of women Mary Kay Ziniewicz wants to connect with.

She's the founder of Bus Stop Mamas, an online tool that connects moms with companies and businesses that need workers.

"I knew if the people I worked with had an opportunity to meet them, they would hire them," said Ziniewicz. 

The jobs are tailored to fit the needs of moms and can often fit within a "bus stop schedule".

"We are an economic play as much as we are a solution for employers to find people who want to work with them for the price of flexibility," said Ziniewicz.

To date, thousands of moms and employers have joined the network, and while they cover the entire country, most of them are located in Minnesota.

The impact of moms in the workplace is something that's going to be looked at in a new way, too.

Bus Stop Mamas recently launched a partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota, sharing their data with the bank with the goal of using it as an economic indicator. This underscores the importance of women in the workplace, and their value both before and after having children.

"We are changing the world, and the moms are doing it," said Ziniewicz. 

Bus Stop Mamas is free to join.