Loaves and Fishes serves 1 millionth free meal of the year 2 months earlier than in 2018

Loaves and Fishes served its 1 millionth free meal Monday, 2 months earlier than they reached the same milestone last year.

Monday, the free meal program Loaves and Fishes marked a milestone and reminded the public that there is still great need.

Loaves and Fishes has served one million meals so far this year.

For Dennis Shorter, Monday was his first meal from the organization this year. 

“It’s hard. It’s hard at times,” he said. “Not knowing where the places are and things like that and having to find out from other people.”

Shorter knows he can always find a Loaves and Fishes meal at the Salvation Army’s Parkview Center.

Loaves and Fishes likes to call itself the largest free restaurant in the state. There were more than 70 meals served at the site Monday and it pales in comparison to the need.

“There are more people that are hungry than we know,” said Cathy Maes, the executive director of Loaves and Fishes. “If we open up more sites, will they come? My guess is yes.”

In fact, Monday’s milestone meal for the year came two months ahead of last year’s milestone.

“If need be, I’d be back for sure,” said Shorter. “Because I respect the fact that they reach out to people like myself being homeless and in need.”

Loaves and Fishes has 25 free meal sites in the Twin Cities metro area and six others in greater Minnesota.

Maes says there are many ways people can help, as they are always looking for families and organizations to volunteer.

For more information, visit LoavesandFishesMN.org.