Lakeville woman disputes with city over fox sanctuary

A Lakeville, Minnesota woman is in dispute with the city over the number of foxes she can take care of at her home.

The city originally allowed her three, but now she has five foxes on her 10 acres of property. Two of the foxes are hers, and three belong to friends.

Until last year, Lakeville city code didn’t allow for foxes to be kept at all. Then, Mikayla Raines received a permit from the city to take care of three.

“These foxes are rescues, and when people come to me with rescues, it's kind of most of the time a life and death matter,” she said.

Raines said that because she’s running a sanctuary, the numbers fluctuate.

When the city told her they were going to look at revoking her permit, Raines began getting supporters to email on her behalf. Hundreds have contacted the city, but it will require more to actually change the laws.

“I’m definitely worried,” Raines said. “My first reaction to getting that letter is I was just bawling. Now I'm more in fight mode, but it's very scary to know everything can be taken from you.”

Raines’ case is on the Lakeville City Council’s agenda Monday night where members will discuss if needs to go to another commission for a public hearing.