Kris Lindahl files trademark over infamous ‘chest up, smiling’ pose

Is this pose so distinctive that it should be trademarked? Kris Lindahl aims to find out. 

If you live around the Twin Cities you likely know his name and face already, but is a popular gesture trademark worthy?

That’s the question Lindahl Reality LLC, the company behind the infamous Kris Lindahl billboards, will hope to find out after filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

According to the filing, Kris Lindahl’s pose, which should be trademarked, "consists of a depiction of a human shown from chest up, smiling and looking straight ahead, with arms outstretched slightly higher than perpendicular to the torso and fingers splayed." 

The trademark application, filed on June 25, is considered a new application and will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately six months after the filing date – so no word on a decision yet.