'Keep your mouth shut': Noor trial evidence shows confused moments after shooting

For the first time, the public can hear Justine Ruscyzk Damond call 911 the night she was shot and killed by Minneapolis Police Mohamed Noor.

The calls were part of some 300 exhibits of evidence recently presented to the jury that found Noor guilty, including the 911 calls from Damond. 

The evidence can be hard to stomach, and the judge has not yet released the most graphic video footage that includes Damond’s final moments.

With emergency life-saving efforts continuing on Damond, body-worn camera footage captured confused Minneapolis Police officers establishing a crime scene.

Prosecutors had attacked MPD for the way it handled the initial scene in terms of evidence-gathering, sharing information and shutting off body cameras.

Sgt. Shannon Barnette, who assumed the leadership role of incident commander before the investigation was eventually turned over to the BCA, spoke to Noor’s partner Matthew Harrity.

Prosecutors told the jury repeatedly that, in the heat of the moment, Harrity never mentioned a slap or bang on their squad or that he feared for his life.

Noor, meanwhile, was escorted to another vehicle, getting advice and comfort from a senior officer along the way.

“You alright?” the officer asked. “Just keep to yourself. Keep your mouth shut. Have to say anything to anybody, alright? Hop in and sit with Ringer. I’m going off.”

Another piece of evidence that put this jury at the scene’s immediate aftermath was cell phone video shot by a teenage bicyclist peddling through the neighborhood.

Harrity is shown crouched down, encouraging Damond to stay with him while telling Noor to remain calm and turn on his body camera as Noor paces away.

It is eerily quiet at the end of that alley in the moments before Damond was pronounced dead.

Since the trial, Damond’s family settled a civil lawsuit with the city of Minneapolis for a record $20 million.

Noor is currently in custody at the state’s maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights. He will be sentenced next month. His attorneys have asked the court to toss out his murder and manslaughter convictions.