Judge calling back 7 already seated jurors in Chauvin trial after Minneapolis settlement

Defense attorney Eric Nelson told the court he is "gravely concerned" about the news that broke on Friday that the City of Minneapolis had reached a $27 million settlement in the civil lawsuit brought by the Floyd family. Nelson is concerned about the information tainting the jury pool. 

"We have a mayor who is a lawyer by trade. He should know better." Nelson said of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. 

Judge Cahill said he wishes city officials "would stop talking about this case so much," but does not think there was any ill intent with the timing of the announcement of the civil settlement. 

Judge Cahill granted the defense’s motion to call back the seven jurors who have already been seated at some point to question them on if they have heard or read anything about the settlement and whether they still believe they can be impartial in this case. 

Judge Cahill denied the defense’s motion for additional peremptory strikes, saying it was unnecessary at this time because neither side has used all of their strikes yet. The defense has used eight of their 15 peremptory strikes so far and the prosecution has used five of their nine.

Nelson also asked Judge Cahill for continuance and change of venue in the case. The judge took that motion under advisement.