Jennifer Crumbley called son an ‘oopsie baby’ before Oxford shooting, witness says

During witness testimony Monday morning, Jennifer Crumbley's horse trainer described how she talked about her son, the Oxford High School shooter, before the Nov. 30, 2021 shooting. According to Kira Pennock, Crumbley referred to her son as ‘weird’ and an ‘oopsie baby’.

The trial of Jennifer Crumbley continued Monday morning with the prosecution calling the Crumbley's horse trainer to the stand to testify. The prosecution argues that Crumbley cared more for her horses than her son.

During questioning Monday morning, Pennock was asked by Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald about how Jennifer talked about her son.

Pennock said she didn't talk much about him but remembered she said he ‘weird’ once or wished he did ‘normal kid things.’ McDonald then asked if she ever heard Jennifer talk positively about her son.

"There was nothing truly positive when she was talking about him. There were quite a few times that she had voiced that he was an ‘oopsie baby’," Pennock said.

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McDonald asked what she understood that to mean – but before she could answer, defense attorney Shannon Smith objected, questioning its relevance. McDonald said it was relevant to the relationship Crumbley had with her son and is counter to the defense's argument.

"Defense counsel described her client as ‘hyper-vigilant’," she said.


Jennifer Crumbley in court on Monday, Jan. 29 for charges related to the Oxford High School shooting.

Judge Cheryl Matthews agreed and said it was relevant before asking Pennock if the answer she was going to give to the question was going to be her own definition or what Jennifer Crumbley said it meant.

Pennock said she'd give her feelings on what the term ‘oopsie baby’ meant – but McDonald interrupted to rephrase the question to ask if she ever explained what that meant. Pennock said that Crumbley never did – and questions moved on from there.

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Based on testimony of texts revealed in court last week, the prosecution is arguing that Crumbley was not attentive to her son's needs in the months leading up to the shooting.

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