Interim Gophers Athletics Director Beth Goetz addresses Teague's resignation

New interim Gophers Athletics Director Beth Goetz said she was never aware of the behavior that got her boss fired. She was surprised and disappointed by the sexual harassment incidents that led to Norwood Teague’s resignation.

“I’d never seen, I’d never heard any rumors of this kind of thing, and can assure you that there is not situation in which I would have tolerated that behavior,” Goetz said.

Goetz said she knows this job and feels comfortable in her new role.  She’s been serving as the assistant athletics director for the past two years, meaning she’s been running the day-to-day business of gopher athletics.

She has been getting around to all the teams this week to meet with the athletes, and has opened herself up to answer any questions they have about Teague’s dismissal.

But she said they want to talk about their individual teams – and, believe it or not, they’re not focused on what they see or hear on TV.  A soccer player stopped her in the hallway and wanted to know if she was going to be at their game on Saturday.

Goetz, who said she was never sexually harassed by Teague, does not believe the incident will have a negative impact on fundraising for gopher athletics and the new athlete’s village.  But there are certainly a lot of questions from fans about what’s next for the department. 
At the moment, Goetz said she just wants to help them be the best programs they can be with no major changes.