Inside and outside, Minnesotans find ways to beat the heat

Visitors hit the beach in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Whether they’re staying inside or finding ways to cool off outside, residents across Minnesota are trying to get through this heat wave.

In Bloomington, people gathered at Bush Lake to beat the heat.

"We’re just trying to enjoy the weather, getting a little water on your skin," said Demarco Bonner. "It’s a little hot outside…but I'm from Memphis, so it feels different, but it feels good. It’s not too hot, though, to me."

With temperatures soaring again, Mother Nature's run at the record books is also heating up. The longest stretch of 90 degree days so early in the season is six, but Ian Leonard's forecast says we could be on our way to nine consecutive days above 90 -- which would tie for the third longest stretch ever recorded.

At nearby Chutes and Ladders, it’s all fun and games - especially on the splash pad.

"We’re trying to beat the heat with the sprinklers and trying to get some play time in. You can't sit in the AC all day long. You've got to get out at some point," said Brandon Holland. "It’s Minnesota. The weather is always changing…you gotta be ready for any temperature change. My AC at home is working overtime, so I don't want to see my electric bill when it comes. It’s going to be rough."

Meanwhile, Minneapolis Public Schools says students at 15 schools without air conditioning will move to distance learning through Thursday. But, they hope to reopen those buildings on Friday because it’s the last day of the school year.