Impeachment inquiry dominates discussion at Rep. Tom Emmer town hall

Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer is continuing his town hall tour and Tuesday, he was in Anoka County during a tense time in national politics.

The tension spilled over into the Blaine City Council Chambers where he heard from constituents from both sides of the national conversation.

It was standing room-only for the town hall and Emmer made sure all topics were on the table.

What people seemed to want to talk most about, however, was President Donald Trump and the impeachment inquiry against him.

“What do you think about the fact that our President has openly said that he’s asking a foreign government to investigate his political rivals? What should we make of that silence when, in the past, you’ve spoken up on both sides?” asked one questioner.

“Right now, I think we’ve caused major damage to our ability to work with foreign countries by releasing even a partial transcript that’s supposed to be in confidence between two leaders,” Emmer said.

It was a room filled with voters of varied perspectives, but some people weren’t happy with how emotional the conversation grew.

“We’re known for being Minnesota nice, and this wasn’t Minnesota nice,” said Mary Wetter.

Many in attendance Tuesday said they are grateful the Congressman takes the time to hold the town halls, whether they agree with him or not.

“I think it was a good night,” said Courtney Jasper. “I think there was a lot of people here that are really fired up, and I think I did learn a little bit.”

While a majority of the questions did center around the impeachment inquiry, people also asked about gun control and gun violence, the federal budget and Syria.

The town hall lasted about an hour.