Hennepin County EMT association balks at 'jump car' plan

Hennepin County EMS is starting a new pilot program to be able to respond to calls faster.

The agency says there are increased wait times right now due to an unprecedented increase in calls for service along with a staffing shortage. Hennepin EMS is hoping to help by implementing a "jump car."

Emergency responders would use the vehicle to respond to calls to provide basic care until an ambulance can arrive. The jump car would also free up other first responders for more emergent calls.

However, in a statement on Monday, Hennepin County paramedics say the program is just a "Band-Aid" and provides lower levels of care.

The Hennepin County Association of Paramedics and EMTs says those that would respond in a jump car have less training and the program "sets a terrible precedent and is not an appropriate use of resources."