Heavens Getting Active next several days

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The spring fling we have experienced over the past several days is the only excuse we need to head outside. Not only are the days nice and warm, so are the nights. Although we will dodge clouds from time to time, the weather for the week ahead will provide many chances to get out and do a little star gazing.


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The ranking system for geomagnetic storms if G1 to G5. Thanks to a lot of space activity this week, we are in the middle of that range. It’s really complex to get to deep into, but long story short, it means a great, although not guaranteed, chance at catching a view of the Northern lights. Flip though the slide show above to see the forecast through mid-week.


The Earth is always passing through something that leaves behind a cascade of bright streaks of light. If cosmic dust is creating spectacular meteor showers, imagine what cosmic rocks can accomplish as they hurl through the atmosphere. Fireballs are the result and they tend to move slower and burn brighter, Thanks to the debris left behind by Encke’s Comet coming through during a new moon, we have an increased chance of seeing these fireballs through the first ten days of November.
Go out and take a look!