HealthPartners unveils digital proof of vaccination card

FILE - A Covid-19 vaccine record card is shown in a file image. (CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Some venues and businesses are requiring vaccinations, so new efforts are afoot to help people prove their vaccination status.

Minnesota-based HealthPartners is among them, launching a digital COVID-19 vaccination card.

If you want to get on a plane and travel internationally again, you might need proof of vaccination. More than a dozen countries have required vaccine proof and more are coming.

Those little cards you get when you get the shot work, but you take a risk carrying those around.

HealthPartners unveiled its vaccination record through its app, which allows patients to store their vaccination record in their iPhone wallet like a ticket or boarding pass.

The idea of vaccine passports has become a hot political topic, but the private sector, like concerts, sporting events and cruise lines, want to get business moving again and may require proof.

The Minnesota Department of Health says digital copies are a better idea than carrying the card if you can’t get one.

"Take a picture," said MDH’s Kris Ehresmann. "Use your phone to take a picture of your vaccine card so that you have it. That way the information is stored in that way as well."

There are a number of other efforts to create digital vaccine records, in case you need it. Mayo Clinic is part of another. It’s called the Vaccine Credential Initiative.