'Giraffe mom' meets giraffe mom, bringing internet's giraffe obsession full circle

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Courtesy: Erin Dietrich

The internet's two most beloved moms met in person on Tuesday, with both newborn baby boys in tow. 

That's right. Erin Dietrich, who earned the nickname "Giraffe Mom" after posting a hilarious viral spoof of April the Giraffe, finally got to meet her fellow internet sensation in the flesh. 

Inside Edition flew Dietrich and her baby boy, Porter, up to Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York from their home in South Carolina.

Dietrich met the park's owner, Jordan Patch, and even hand-fed April some lettuce and carrots. The moms and babies posed for pictures and seemed to hit it off.

“We’re buddies; we’re companions," Dietrich told Inside Edition. "She just doesn’t know it.”

As the petite South Carolina mom stood next to the massive giraffe, you'd never know the two would have so much in common. The live stream of April's long pregnancy helped Dietrich get through hers, she said. (Although, Dietrich had her baby much sooner than April did). 

Now, both moms have precious baby boys and internet fame thanks to their very pregnant and very viral live streams. 

And, of course she wore the giraffe mask!