Fox 9 Investigators: Coon Rapids neighbor from hell

People in two Coon Rapids neighborhoods have described him as a monster who has made their lives miserable. 

For Coon Rapids Police, he’s a usual customer who they have encountered on more than 80 police calls in the last few years, generating 800 pages in police reports since 2016.

To his mother, he’s the victim of a conspiracy among his neighbors. 

For many, Jason Mulvany, 39, is a nightmare, wrapped in an enigma. 

“This was a nice place to raise my kids, and now it’s a nightmare,” said Andy Solorzano, who lives on Kumquat Street, where Mulvany lived until earlier this year when a temporary court order forced him to move. Mulvany still owns the house.

Jaylene Tennier lives on Hanson Boulevard, just across the street from the home where Mulvany now lives with his mother. 

“Last week he threatened to bash my head into a wall,” she said.

She told police about the threats, documented in police reports, and how Mulvany stands outside at all hours, screaming and cursing, sometimes at no one in particular.

She began videotaping the episodes, including when Mulvany walked up to her family’s car in a threatening manner.

“I don’t know what the line is he will cross one day,” added Tennier.

He may’ve come close in December. Police arrested Mulvany after he was banging on a neighbor’s door at 2:30 in the morning, screaming profanities. The woman said he had a six-inch knife, and was scratching it against the window. 

Altogether, Mulvany has 27 cases pending against him in Anoka County. Three of those cases are felonies for fleeing police, second degree assault and threats of violence. The 24 other cases are misdemeanors (five gross misdemeanors) for disorderly conduct, harassment, obstruction and assault.  

Mulvany has yet to be convicted on any of the charges, and even though he’s been found competent to stand trial, his attorney keeps getting delays.


Lindsey Solorzano encountered him last September when she was out for a walk with her four-year-old son.

“I knew this guy was off,” said Solorzano. “He insisted we get in his truck then it got kind of weird. He just started circling the house.”

“I go, ‘Hey man, I don’t have trouble with you need to leave us alone,’” said her husband, Andy. “That’s when he hopped out of his truck with a screwdriver.”

When police caught up with Mulvany that night they gave him a citation for disorderly conduct, another misdemeanor. 

Squad car dash camera video from that night has an officer telling the man: “Your behavior is alarming.”

“You can’t just go around pulling screwdrivers out on people. They say it's just hearsay,” added Andy Solorzano.

Coon Rapids Police say they have tried to respond to neighbors concerns.

“It looks like he’s overstepping his bounds," said Captain Jon Urquhart from the Coon Rapids Police Department. “I’m not sure why he’s doing what he does.”

The Fox 9 Investigators examined 800 pages of police reports, filled with profanities and creepy behavior. The list includes: “screaming in demonic voices,” threatening neighbors: “If you call the cops, I’m going to break your f*****g neck" and screaming at a stranger: “I’m going to make you have my baby.”

“Typically a crime like terroristic threats, they need to make a substantial threat to carrying it out,” said Urquhart.

Larry Rex and his daughter have a long running feud with Mulvany, with dueling restraining orders, threats and allegations on both sides. 

"You think with stuff like (that) if you bring it to the police they would do something,” said Rex. “How many people have to put up with this until someone is dead? And even the police say the behavior is escalating.”

According to one police report, "all said he terrorizes every neighbor, and his behavior has been escalating lately," and that "everyone is alarmed by his conduct."


Even Mulvany’s own family has had trouble with him. His mother called police last year when he was acting aggressive after his medication was changed. 

According to court records, Anoka County tried unsuccessfully to civilly commit Mulvany 17 years ago because he had a traumatic brain injury from a car accident and was chemically dependent. 

According to police reports, he’s currently on Methadone, a treatment for opioid addiction. 

We tried to talk Mulvany, but he never came to the door. 

“You don’t want to talk to him,” said a man identified as his stepfather. “Every other word is the f-word.”

Mulvany’s mother called the Fox 9 Investigators back and said her son is the real victim.

“This story needs to be told," she said. "He’s been abused and he has severe PTSD by this abuse he’s been subjected to."

In a letter to Fox 9, Mulvany’s mother wrote that the neighbors who complain are part of a conspiracy orchestrated by Larry Rex and his daughter. 

But Coon Rapids Police say there’s no evidence to back up the claim. 

Shane Cody said he’s one of Mulvany’s few friends.

“He wants to get attention and respect. That’s how I’d put it,” said Cody.

According to court records, prosecutors are hoping for a trial on the three felonies in late October.  A pre-trial hearing on the 19 misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors is scheduled for Nov. 16.